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Google business reviews, no company can live without this handy feature. It is a smart way to boost your online visibility. Generating Google reviews is not the biggest challenge, as long as you make it easy for your customers. At Stramark we understand that. That is why we have developed a free Google review link generator, so your customers can easily and quickly leave a review on Google. No more hassle with pasting long Google review URLs and codes. With just a few clicks you create a Google review link that you can send to all your customers. Get started right away! Once you have used our Google review generator, you can see a huge increase in received reviews.

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How to use the Google Review Link Generator

Google business reviews

Your customers needs certainty. That is why online reviews are so important. Did you know that 90% of consumers read reviews online before they visit your company? Especially Google business reviews are important, we give you the main reasons why:

  1. Quality determines your market value. Google’s mission is to continuously provide the best answer to a question people ask. That answer is given by consumers, because they can determine the quality of the services you provide. That is why Google reviews are so important. More reviews (e.g. generated by a Google review link generator) ensure that more information is available about your company to determine the quality (market value). In turn, this can lead to a higher ranking in the search results.
  2. Reviews are the first to be seen in Google. When someone searches for your company, they immediately see information about the location, opening times, website and reviews. Because this is the first thing they see, Google business reviews have a major impact on the view they have of your company. If you don’t pay attention to it and only get bad reviews, visitors get negative thoughts before they even come to your website. 
  3. It affects your conversion rate. Many entrepreneurs think that they can raise their conversion rate to a higher level with a slick and user-friendly website. However, bad Google reviews can mess this up. If a visitor searches for your company name in Google after seeing your website, he or she is confronted with your bad Google reviews. It is likely that the visitor will not convert into a customer.
  4. Ranking factor for SEO. Google business reviews help improve search results and SEO efforts in general. How that works? There are a few explanations for this::
      • Google trusts customers more than you. The ranking of a website is determined by signals. When a customer judges your company (positive or negative), Google knows that the company is real and potential customers can be helped based on the experiences of others.
      • Google loves to read. The more Google reviews you generate, for example with a Google review link generator, the more new content and keywords you create for Google to better understand your business. The reviews can even fill in any gaps in the content on your website. With this you increase your ranking and overall visibility.
      • Good reviews = more clicks. If many people click on your website from the search results, Google thinks you’re doing well. That is rewarded with a higher ranking. Reviews play an important role in this. With high ratings you provoke clicks, and clicks will boost your ranking.
  5. Don’t forget Google Maps. The Google Maps card conquers a large part of the results page in Google. Because of this, a visitor must scroll a bit before the organic search results are visible. This effect is even stronger on a mobile phone. Without scrolling, you only see half of the Google Ads, then Maps and finally the organic search results. Because Google Maps is almost the first thing a potential customer sees, it is important that you are on top of the list. By collecting as many positive Google business reviews as possible (and answering them), you ensure that your company is in the top 3 of the Google Maps card.

Conclusion: create a Google review link and collect reviews! Now that you are convinced of the added value of Google reviews, it is time to get started. Good to know: it is not bad to get negative reviews, as long as you treat them positively. Moreover, a negative review that is answered correctly by you can be very useful. It is also an opportunity for your company. Maybe you can help the customer even better in the future?

Get started with our Google business review direct link generator! Questions? On top of this page you will find a step-by-step guide how to use our Google business review link generator.

Google reviews FAQ

It often happens that entrepreneurs pay little or no attention to Google reviews in Google My Business. That is why we understand that some things are unclear to you. For example, many people think they cannot leave Google business reviews if they do not have a Gmail account. Well, that is not true anymore. You can also review with another Google account to which your own email address is linked (such as Outlook or iCloud). We answer the most frequently asked questions about Google reviews and our Google review generator. Is your question not listed? Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us.

What is a Google review?

With Google reviews, people can leave their opinion about a company. This is possible for every organization such as hospitality, production or service companies. You review with a star rating, supplemented with a written review. For example, if the restaurant where you have been had a relaxed atmosphere, the dishes were a true taste sensation on your tongue or if there were only romantic couples present.

How to get more Google reviews?

By copying the link from our Google review link generator and sending it to your customers. They only have to press the Google review button. Use the channels that you already have available for this, such as a conversation with a customer, social media and newsletters. To make it more attractive you can link a contest, gift voucher or discount code to it.

How do I find my Google review link?

Please type your own business in the first type bar of our Google review link generator. After that the Google review generator will create Google review link provided by Google. You can copy the Google review direct link (short) below to ask for reviews. It is short so e-mail programs will not break it, and your customers can use it with ease. Good to know: it is also a Google review link for mobile.

How do I ask for a review on Google?

During different contact moments you can ask the customer to leave a review. For example, create a Google review link and send the Google review direct link in the confirmation email after purchase or a reminder e-mail a few days later. You can also design a Google review button on your website or a Google review button in a newsletter. This shows that people can leave a review on Google reviews.

How do I see my Google reviews?

Please sign into Google My Business. Click ‘reviews’ in the left menu to see all reviews. 

How do I find the Google review URL for my Google business page?

Use our tool to find your URL.

How do I make Google reviews positive?

First, you need to deliver top-quality products or services. But you can help customers for writing a review. Once you create a Google review link with our Google review link generator you can send it to customers by e-mail or via a newsletter. Make it easier by designing a Google review button. Ask them what was pleasant about the product/service. This way you give them a push in the right direction. Of course, points of improvement are more than welcome so be open to this.

Can you write a Google review without a Google account?

No, you do need some kind of a Google account. For example, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Play, Gmail, or a Google mail account of another kind. You can create a Google account without a Gmail address and use another one such as Outlook or iCloud.

How do you get 5 star rankings on Google?

Simple, but true: make your customers happy. You can get Google business reviews with 5-star ratings by consistently delivering innovative and fantastic products and excellent levels of service. You need to create ‘wow’ moments for your (potential) customers.

Do Google reviews help ranking?

Yes! Google business reviews help improve search results and SEO efforts in general. By collecting many positive Google reviews (and answering them), you have a better chance of being in the top 3 of Google Maps that is shown in the Google search results page.

How many Google reviews do I need?

To be in the top 3 positions in Google Local, research shows that you need an average of 47 Google business reviews. Companies in positions 7-10 have an average of 38 reviews. So, reach the top with as many positive reviews as possible! There tend to be more hotels, restaurants, and bars than some other industries. These industries need more reviews to appear in the top 10. At least more than their competitors.

How are Google reviews calculated?

Google’s business rating is not the average rating by taking the average of all ratings. Google says: “We calculate an overall rating based on user ratings and a variety of other signals to ensure that the overall score best reflects the quality of the establishment.” Review quantity is just one of ‘a variety of signals’. The rest we can only speculate. If you have seven 5-star reviews, Google will not calculate your rating in the way you expect them to (average rating of 5 stars). Seven reviews are not that much, so Google’s algorithm would automatically factor in for error until you get more reviews.

Are Google reviews reliable?

Research has found that 97% of customers of local companies read online reviews about the companies. It also emerged that 85% of consumers really trust the online reviews. The average consumer expects a company to have 40 reviews before they trust its star rating. Do you get reviews of fake accounts? Do not worry too much. Fortunately, research shows that a review is not considered credible when the writer is considered unbelievable (fake).

What is a good Google review score?

Always focus on a 5-stars rating! But try to get at least 4 stars, because research shows that 57% of consumers would not use a business with an overall rating lower than 4 stars.

How long do Google reviews last?

Google reviews remain until the author removes them. However, URLs are not allowed in reviews. That is why Google filters such reviews. Also, when the review contains a word Google doesn’t like, such as profanity or racial terms.