Online Marketing for scale-ups

As a growing company with 10+ employees, you are looking for a tailor-made online marketing solution. Growth in this phase requires specialists who take your online marketing to the next level. This professionalisation of online marketing is what we are good at and have a lot of experience in since 2008.

We are happy to assist you in your further growth with the help of SEO, SEA, content marketing and social media marketing. You can count on a proactive approach with a clear focus on results. View all our solutions below.

Why Stramark?


Our online marketing solutions


Search engine marketing is an ideal way to sell more in your webshop or to get more leads through your webshop.

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With SEO you ensure, among other things, a higher position in Google, structurally better findability and reliability.

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With Google Ads you can increase your visitor numbers and turnover immediately. Google Ads is the best way to quickly become findable in Google.

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Give your website a boost with good SEO texts and become structurally easier to be found.

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With Social Media Marketing you create a full presence on the most important social media channels and reach your target group even better.

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With Webshop Marketing you optimize your webshop and increase your turnover in the short and long term.

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With Link Building you increase the authority of your website and thus achieve higher positions in Google.

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conversion optimization

With Conversion Optimization we look at how your website can be improved to create a better customer experience and thus achieve more conversions.

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What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is the promotion of products or services on the internet. The purpose of this is to influence the sale of those products and services by the users of the internet in their purchase.

The right order in online marketing makes all the difference

What we do is first ensure more turnover and more sales, by directly looking for people who are exactly looking for the unique service or product that you offer. If we know the people well, because we have analyzed their behavior, we will apply that knowledge in the other Online Marketing resources. This means that we will first show the right message to customers on the right keywords via Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and SEO. This ensures measurable results that we can build on.

By making the combination right, we reach more customers! That is how we use Online Marketing for our customers as effectively as possible.

At Stramark we follow the following order in online marketing:

Online Marketing

SEA SEO Copywriting
Linkbuilding Social Media

Content Marketing

Display Advertising Email Marketing

In each step we use the knowledge from the previous step. So who your customers are and which approach is successful.

Together we look at where the strength of your business lies and where there is potential for growth. Do you employ someone who can carry out our online marketing advice? Then our consultants take the advisory chair. Do you want to hand over everything? You can! Our online marketing consultants understand the technology behind the website and can communicate directly with the website builder. And we can also make changes to the CMS ourselves.

Google Ads – Paid high in Google


Thanks to Google Ads (AdWords) you can advertise in Google with ads that appear above the search results. This part of online marketing is a powerful and effective way to find out which products or services are doing well through your website. You decide what budget you invest each month and you pay per click. Of course we can advise on this.

The great thing about Google Ads is that you can advertise very specifically and see immediate results. Google Ads cannot be compared to offline advertising or other online advertising options. Your ad will only be shown to people who perform a search that is relevant to your website. In addition, you can decide for yourself which message you communicate and when you communicate it. With the advertisements for your product or service, you are present at the right time with the right target group with the right message. You can also target specific cities or regions. This makes it possible to create a high local attention value.

We are certified by Google on the various components (Google Premier Partner)

Do you want to use Google Ads for more traffic to your website? We are certified by Google on the various components (Google Premier Partner). Our online marketers will help you with both advice and implementation. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you!

SEO – Unpaid High in Google

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that you optimise a website so that it ranks high in Google for keywords that are relevant to your business. SEO is divided into on-page optimization and technical optimization. With on-page optimization we work on the text on the website itself. With technical optimization we work at the back of the website including tags, speed and technique.

We determine the SEO strategy using your input and our knowledge of the Google algorithm. In addition, we look at the competition and, if available, use information from Google Ads to a structural improvement of your website. It is not a quick fix but a long term investment. Depending on the quality of your website and the degree of competition, results can of course be achieved in the short term. If you want to have a new website made or a new webshop made, SEO optimization is crucial!

Do you want to get started with SEO for your business? Our online marketing specialists are happy to assist you in the Search Engine Optimization process!

SEO Copywriting – Telling what you sell

SEO Copywriting is writing website texts that are interesting for both visitors and search engines. Because you don’t just make a website convincing with design. The texts on your website are very important for the message you convey and the confidence you exude. In addition, without the right content you rarely get high in the search engines. You need the right keywords, the right headers and other elements.

If analysis shows that texts need to be rewritten or new texts need to be added, our online marketing consultants can make instructions for this. This way you can get started with your own copywriter. But you can also completely outsource it, then our SEO Copywriter will get to work!

“After a number of conversations with Stramark, they managed to convince me of the potential of a better findability of my flower bulb webshop in Google.”

S. Koeman
Director Koeman Flowerbulbs

Conversion Optimization – Improve number of sales

Conversion Optimization, or CRO, is improving the website in such a way that visitors to your website become customers. You ensure that everything is in line with each other and that the customer no longer finds any obstacles in his path. Because what is a website with a lot of visitors but hardly anyone makes a purchase or contacts you?

By a conversion we mean a purchase, a completed form or whatever is valuable to you as an entrepreneur. How successful your website is can partly be determined on the basis of the conversion percentage. The higher the number of conversions compared to the visitors, the higher your conversion percentage. So with CRO we want to increase this percentage. This method is particularly effective in combination with SEO and SEA, because with more visitors you can measure more quickly whether your CRO efforts are having an effect. We can keep track of all this through web analytics. We use Google Analytics, Mouse and click tracking, AB/multivariate testing and other tools for this!

Want to get more out of your website? Our consultants are happy to give you CRO advice.

Contentmarketing – Show that you are an expert

Strategically creating and distributing valuable and relevant content, that is Content Marketing. Think of it as the opposite of sales: the product is not pushed, but the content is created to fulfil the needs of the (potential) customer.

The idea behind this is that the (potential) customer will see you as the authority if you do this constantly and consistently. You inspire trust and people feel connected. This then results in word-of-mouth advertising or that your brand is chosen over other brands.

We are happy to help you devise the content strategy and connect with external platforms. To then promote valuable content together with you.

Do you want to get started with content marketing for your business? Please contact Stramark via the form.

Linkbuilding – Improving online reputation

Linkbuilding is getting links from an external website to your website. The purpose of this is to stream SEO value to your website. This gives the website more authority on certain keywords in Google and you achieve higher positions. There are many factors that determine whether a website ranks high in Google and the number of links to a website is one of those factors. Just like the quality of those links.

Valuable content is more likely to get links than content that adds nothing to the internet. Do you offer really interesting information on your website? Then the chance is higher that people will link to your page. This creates a natural linkbuilding profile and that is of course what Google wants.
Determining the linkbuilding strategy is important before you actually get started with linkbuilding. What are the keywords that you want to score better, which pages are associated with them and what are interesting websites to be placed on?

Our linkbuilding experts help you make all these decisions and, together with you, draw up a link building strategy that fits within the online marketing strategy.

Remarketing – Make sure you are not forgotten

Remarketing, or retargeting, is a method that can lead to more sales from people who have visited your website before. By reminding them of your site, you encourage them to (still) convert using text and image ads on external websites.

Remarketing is a very effective tool and the costs are therefore relatively low. We only use Remarketing when everything is in line with each other and it is clear which message needs to be communicated. This makes a powerful tool even more powerful.

Curious what Remarketing can do for your business? Please contact us via the form. This way you quickly come into contact with a specialised online marketer.

For Lizacards we have implemented a restructuring within the Google Ads account. With more than 36,000 search terms, this account was no longer manageable. In addition, we adjusted the Google Analytics account so that the various websites of Lizacards became more measurable.

Display Advertising – Reach the target audience

Display Advertising is online advertising with text or visual banners on websites visited by the target group. You can choose Display Advertising for several reasons. For example, for extra focus on your brand or an offer.

This is especially interesting for local companies, because of the location targeting options. Display Advertising allows you to show banners to people in your area. Do you repair cars in Amsterdam? Then banners will be shown to people in Amsterdam.

The measurability of Display Advertising is a real advantage. You can see how many people have seen your ad, who clicked on it and whether conversions have actually resulted from it. You can then optimise your ads based on Click Through Rate (CTR), conversions or actual purchases.

It is also important for Display Advertising that the message and the objective are clear. When this is clear because the process has been followed, the Stramark experts can work with you to set up the Display Campaign. Contact us to learn about the possibilities for your company.

Social Media Marketing – Bereik de doelgroep op social

We recommend starting with Social Media Marketing (Advertising) after your google marketing activities are in place (SEA and SEO). This is because social media targets people earlier in the funnel and can only be effective if you have optimised the rest of the funnel. With a solid Social Media Strategy you work on your brand awareness and prepare customers to go further down the funnel. This can be done through social media posting, Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising and LinkedIn advertising.

Do you want to get started with Social Media Marketing for your business? Please contact Stramark via the form.

E-mailmarketing – Reach your Customers

The form of e-mail marketing that we usually apply is approaching your current customers through e-mailings. It’s a great way to increase sales among people who are already familiar with your scale-up. With targeted e-mails you approach your customer base and try to entice them to make a repeat purchase or a first purchase.

There are many factors that determine whether an email will be successful. It is therefore good to determine a strategy in advance and to know what you want to communicate. When the e-mail has been sent, it is time for the analysis. What worked and what didn’t work? We use these learnings for our next mailing.

Get started with Stramark!

By using the Stramark method and processes, we can always make logical and result-driven decisions. The knowledge gained in one step is used for the execution of the next step. By continuously measuring the activities, we are increasingly able to find the right customers who ensure growth in the number of leads or sales at an acceptable cost.

Stramark is an online marketing agency in Amsterdam. Within our team you will find online marketers who specialise in search engine marketing in Search Engine Advertising and Search Engine Optimization. In other words: we help you get high in Google with your website or webshop. When we perform search engine marketing for clients, we cannot escape other online marketing activities such as linkbuilding, email marketing, social media marketing and conversion optimization. Therefore we have specialists for those fields too. This together ensures online success!

Frequently asked questions about online marketing

What forms of online marketing can I contact you for?

Depending on your goal and your type of product/service, you can use one or more online marketing tools. At Stramark you can choose from Google Ads, SEO, SEO copywriting, conversion optimization, content marketing, link building, remarketing, display advertising, social media marketing or email marketing.

Why do you start with SEO and/or SEA first?

We know from experience that search engine marketing is the most effective. It’s our base. Online marketing only works well if your target group can find your products and/or services. When that is in order, we look at which other online marketing services within the project can also be of added value. Think of social media advertising/management, link building and SEO copywriting. Perhaps we are a little stubborn in this, but it has never let us down!

Do I have direct contact with a specialist?

At Stramark you get provided with your personal consultant. They will be your contact person and will work on the project. Do you choose for SEO and SEA? Then you will be provided with two specialized consultants. They will work directly together and will take your website to a higher level within their specialism.

Which clients do you work for?

We work with Scaleups (10+ employees) that have ambitious online goals and require specialists to help them reach the next level. These are mainly B2C and B2B companies with a website or a webshop.

What does online marketing cost?

Online marketing costs depend on your goals and the online marketing channels you want to use to achieve them. We work on an hourly basis. In advance we make an estimate with the consultants and the customer how many hours are needed for the project. For SEO and SEA, these hours are viewed separately. So it depends on how big your Google Ads account is, what improvement opportunities we see and how much turnover you generate. It also depends on whether you can still be actively involved yourself or whether you leave everything to us.

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