Linkbuilding for scale-ups

As a growing company with 10+ employees, you know that online marketing is an important factor. But you also know that growth in this phase requires specialists who take your link building to the next level. This professionalization of online marketing is what we are good at and in which we have experience in since 2008.

We are happy to assist you in your further growth with the help of link building. You can count on a proactive approach with a clear focus on results. See more about our link building solution below.

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What is linkbuilding?

With link building you get links from external websites to your site. This flows more SEO value to your website. This results in more authority on certain keywords in Google with which you achieve higher positions, or a higher Google Pagerank (PR). Pagerank is a number that indicates how important Google finds the website on the internet. This is done on a scale of 0 to 10. Google assigns such a reputation score to every website and page. The higher the number, the better. This scale is logarithmic: a 4 is significantly better than a 3. The higher this reputation score, the easier it is for a page to rank high in Google. This score can be improved by other websites with a good reputation (a high score) linking to the website.

Link building is part of a complete online marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization process.

How do you determine the right link building strategy?
Stramark Linkbuilding

Our principle of link building assumes that you really have to earn links. We call this ‘link earning’. The website or specific content must be entitled to the link, it must have added value on the internet. So you cannot buy links from us.

Before we start, strategic objectives need to be defined. This is how we give direction to the link building campaign. Based on this, the profitability of the work can be assessed.

In addition to the number of incoming links, the position of a page in the search engine results is also strongly determined by the quality of these links. A good link building strategy focuses on getting links from relevant websites to parts of your website, with the aim of improving Pagerank. With this you can then get higher in Google.

A good link building campaign requires constant effort. Think of creating links, writing articles, creating valuable content and approaching potential link partners. It is therefore essential to draw up a link building plan. We strive for a high quality website so that people automatically link to the website. We also call this ‘link earning’.

What is a link building campaign?

A link building campaign accurately describes the different phases and steps that we will go through. A link building plan is based on the following phases. It is good to know what the different parts of such a plan are. You can then choose to partially or fully outsource link building to us.

“We really like the collaboration with Stramark. We are very satisfied with the results they achieve for us in the field of SEO and SEA.”

Willem Jan Kraanen
Director Texelana

What does a link building campaign plan look like?

1. Keyword Determination

Do you want to outsource link building? The first step in the campaign involves determining the most important keywords. On which terms do you want your website to rank better? Which keywords best meet customer needs? The keywords that emerge in this analysis will be leading in the creation of links and content.

2. Competition Analysis

In the second step, the competition is assessed. Websites that rank well on the previously determined keywords are examined. Where do their links come from? What kind of content is important in your scale-up’s sector? What do these look like and how does your website get similar and preferably even more valuable links? The result of the competitive analysis is a list of websites from which potentially valuable links could come.

3. Content Creation

No webmaster likes to link to another website if there is nothing interesting to read or find there. Well-written texts about topics, business or services related to the keywords are therefore very important for link building. Often new pages are created that are valuable and can be optimized to achieve the previously determined objectives. Obtaining links to websites that have nothing new to say or only have a commercial purpose is very difficult and does not fit Stramark’s link building strategy.

4. Research

Then the search for websites with many visitors begins. You can contribute to this yourself by adding information and knowledge. Consider, for example, relevant websites in the sector or websites that potential customers often visit. This is the easiest way to get links and therefore relevant visitors. Creating accounts on company information websites also directly contributes to the findability of your company information. This could include industry forums or keyword-related news sites.

5. Content Publishing

After content has been produced and the most important link sites have been identified, the content must be distributed. One way to reach multiple potential link partners is to issue optimized press releases. Creating link-worthy blog posts or pages can also arouse the interest of relevant websites. Nevertheless, content publishing remains a matter of pushing due to the continuous overload of information on the internet. Relevant websites will therefore often have to be written to and called.

6. Result measurement

The result measurement does not only include the monitoring of websites that are addressed and the number of links placed. What is really valuable is the quality of the links. This is reflected in more visitors via the link and of course the positions in search engines. In the result measurement, it is examined whether the objectives have been achieved and what results are associated with this. Consider, for example, changes in the search result positions, changes in the Pagerank of your website and the development of the visitor volume. A good link building agency is transparent about this and can give you solid link building advice.

What is a good inbound link?

Based on the keyword determination, one or more search terms are centralized in the layout of the links to be obtained.

Text link example: Text links are the best links

In HTML code it looks like this: <a title=”text links” href=””><b>Text links</b></a> are the < a title=”best links”href=””>best links</a>

Link building tips: best practices

Link building is therefore extremely important to make your website easy to find. But, how do you get links? We would like to share some tips with you:

  • Add value to your website.
    Add a valuable resource to your site for others to link to. For example, these link building tips.
  • Link request in a confirmation email
    For example, after subscribing to the newsletter. You could ask the recipient to do this on the keywords that are important to the website and have them placed as a link on the recipient’s website. For example, from the blog page of the recipient website to the home page of their own website.
  • Business relations
    Ask your business relations if they want to link to your website on the best keywords that have been selected for that purpose. The link must actually be an added value for that other website.
  • Keyword research
    To create added value, keyword research before placing links is crucial. Look at the title of the web page that should have more link building. Take a good look at the keywords for that page and on which it may also be found. A link building agency can do this for you.
  • PPC-test
    Test the chosen keywords on PPC before starting SEO link building. Always choose the best keywords that people search for when you are link building / earning.
  • Placing a backlink before placing a link does not always work well
    Because this may be seen as a lesser link because it goes both ways. A to B = B to A.
  • In SEO, every link counts
    A back link is usually placed at the bottom of the customer’s footer or on a separate page. This is called, for example, ‘partner page’.
  • Link building for link building’s sake
    If you’re just building links because you want links, you’re not doing it right. The links must add value to the internet.
  • Clickable link
    A clickable link ultimately drives inbound web traffic.
  • Stimulate
    Only encourage good quality links, because they have the most effect. Discover the secret of link building.

What is the purpose of link building?

  • More visitors. Through the externally created links, more visitors come to the site.
  • A boost for SEO. With good link building, there are many referrals from other sites, which is good for the SEO of the website. In this way, the website will also rank higher in the search engines.

Good to know:
We take into account that links from websites with the same topic are much better than links from websites that are about something completely different. We make sure that no links are obtained from malicious spam or link farm sites. Stramark always checks whether the link is of added value for visitors to the website.

Why outsource link building?

To give your website more authority, it is better to outsource link building to marketing agency Stramark, specializing in link building Amsterdam. High-quality links require expertise that is often not available within your own scale-up. Our team consists of 10 consultants, each with their own specialism. Because we have worked for different clients in various industries, we have built up years of experience. This allows us to know which sites you need to be on so that people can find you. This way, a link building specialist can get to work for you immediately. Link building requires continuous effort and that is why a clear plan is drawn up to be able to work in a structured way. This requires specific tools, which can be quite expensive for SMEs. We already have them in house so that you can benefit from them. Finally, really good link building and maintaining it takes time. Time that you may not have or prefer to spend on your own business. Save time by leaving it to our link building consultants. You think along with the strategy, then they implement it. That in turn results in focus. When you outsource it, you work more productively and we both do what we are good at.

Stramark’s method

Link building can be partially or completely outsourced to us. However, we only offer it after a thorough SEO audit. Before we get started, your website must meet Google’s link building requirements. Then we set up a link building strategy, specific to your website and industry. Within this plan we make as much use as possible of the possibilities of you and your organization. We put the added value for the users of the website first. Just the way Google likes it!

Frequently asked questions about Link building

📈 What is linkbuilding?

Link building means trying to get links from external websites to your site. This allows more SEO value to flow to the website so that you rank higher in the search engines.

🤔 What is the purpose of link building?

The purpose of link building is to give your website more authority. You try to improve the authority by links from external websites. Then you want to get higher in Google with this.

👍 How does link building work?

When external reputable websites link to parts of your website, more SEO value flows to your site. With this you rank higher in the search engines and that in turn can lead to more visitors. We work together with link building partners to obtain quality links.

💰 What does link building cost?

This depends, among other things, on the objective you have, the market in which you operate and the competition you face. Within SMEs, we see that an investment of 5 to 15% of that turnover is required to obtain more turnover. Online marketing is not only about the investment, but also about what it yields. To find out what online marketing can offer you, you can request a free SEO and/or SEA analysis from Stramark. This way you know how you can recoup the marketing investment and when your business case is positive. Request an audit or contact Hans

😄 What are the benefits of outsourcing link building?

Benefits of outsourcing link building include expertise of professionals, time savings, access to a network of relevant websites, focus on quality backlinks and monitoring for better results. This can result in increased online visibility, improved search engine rankings and an increase in targeted traffic to your website.

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