Google Ads Audit

How to Save Thousands of Euros in Google Ads (AdWords)

Are you afraid that hundreds or thousands of euros are being wasted with your Google Ads campaigns because they are not used optimally? If you don’t know enough about Google Ads, you are not good online competition for the market in which you operate. That is why we have the non-binding Google Ads audit. This audit tells you how you can ensure that your Google Ads campaigns become profitable. With the help of efficient Google Ads advertisements, we help you become a frontrunner!

What is a Google Ads Audit?

With this review we assess your Google Ads account without obligation. All important aspects within Google Ads are examined:

  • Account structure
  • Campaign settings
  • Keyword relevance
  • Relevance of advertising texts
  • Use of ad extensions
  • The measurability of conversions
  • The use of remarketing

What is the result?

You will receive the result of the audit in a clear document. You can use this to get yourself started to optimally use the Ads account. We identify important money-guzzling issues for you. We recommend features that are relevant to you. We also provide advice on the Google Ads campaign structure and ad groups. All this with the aim of making money from Google Ads and attracting more customers.

Don’t have time for this or don’t have the right knowledge? Then Online Marketing Bureau Stramark is happy to help you. Complete the form below and we will contact you!

Why a Google Ads Audit by Stramark?

To really use your Google Ads campaign optimally, professional knowledge is required, which is often not available within your own scale-up. Our team consists of 10 consultants, each with their own specialty. Our passionate, certified Google Ads specialists work in Google Ads every day. Because we have worked for various clients in various industries, we have built up years of experience. This way we know how to get the most out of your campaign. Managing it also takes time. Time that you may not have or would rather spend on your own business. Save time by leaving it to our specialists. If you choose to outsource Google Ads to Google Ads agency Stramark in Amsterdam, you will work more productively and we will both do what we are good at.

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