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Of course you invest a lot of time, love and money in online marketing to get higher in Google. But are you getting the most out of it? Despite your best efforts, competitors may still capture the best positions. Or you are not profitable enough while investing thousands of euros in Google Ads. That can and must be improved. That is why we have the free Keyword Audit, Google Ads Audit, SEO Audit and Social Media Audit. The Stramark specialists are ready to take a closer look at your keyword list or Google Ads account. We will send you the result and give advice on how to improve. Free of charge. You can then get started to get more qualitative visitors. So quickly request one of our audits!

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Is your scale-up’s website generating not enough new customers? And are your competitors at the top of Google’s search results? Request the Keyword Audit! Enter your keywords and competitors and immediately see how your website ranks and where there are opportunities for your website!

Are you afraid that hundreds or thousands of euros will be thrown away with your Google Ads campaigns because they are not used optimally? Request the Google Ads Audit! This audit tells you how you can ensure that your Google Ads campaigns do become profitable.

How SEO optimized is your website? With Stramark’s free SEO audit, we can scan your website for all basic SEO elements. This way we can accurately determine the current status of your website and to what extent it is optimized for Google and the other search engines.

Want to take your social media marketing to the next level? With the free Social Media audit from Stramark, we can take a closer look at your social media channels and campaigns. This way we can give you the best advice.

Would you like us to carry out all the above audits? Request the Marketing audit. We will look at your keywords, website, Google Ads and Social Media channels and campaigns!

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“Firm24 is happy with Stramark’s smart solutions. The Google Ads costs have been reduced by up to 30%!”

Thijs van Holthuijsen – Firm 24