Conversion Optimization for scale-ups

As a growing company with 10+ employees, you are looking for a tailor-made conversion optimization solution. Growth in this phase requires specialists who take your conversion optimization to the next level. This professionalization of online marketing is what we are good at and in which we have experience in since 2008.

Is there a lot of targeted traffic going to your website, but are you not achieving sufficient return? We are happy to assist you in your further growth with the help of conversion optimization. You can count on a proactive approach with a clear focus on results. Read more about conversion optimization below.

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What is Conversion Optimization?

What do we mean by conversion? When visitors become customers, it’s called conversion. Our goal is to increase the conversion rate. Website optimization improves the experience of your customers on the website. As a result, they will proceed to order faster.

Conversion optimization: more visitors or more customers?

You will always receive tailor-made advice from us. Not every website is of course the same and has its own results. We are happy to tell you which optimization activities ensure the highest number of conversions on your website and therefore yield the best results:

More visitors

Attract more visitors to the website through Google Ads (search engine advertising) or SEO (search engine optimization).

More customers (conversions)

Convert more visitors into customers by improving the effectiveness of your website (conversion optimization & website optimization).

Invest in conversion optimization

Investing in conversion optimization leads to the best result if you:

  • Website is already high in Google and attracts enough visitors
  • Online advertising campaigns – such as with Google Ads – are set up professionally
  • Site attracts relevant visitors, but nevertheless has a low return (high costs per conversion)
  • You are about to develop a new website
  • Your new website is going to launch and announce this in the media
  • Launches a large-scale marketing campaign (newspaper, radio, online or TV)

Increase conversion: start with your conversion goal

To optimize your website, it is important to determine what you mean by “success of your website”. Do you want more visitors to sign up for the newsletter or download your brochure? Or do you want visitors to view and forward your promotional video in order to increase brand awareness? Perhaps you want to sell more products or generate more leads.

Together with you, Online Marketing Bureau Stramark formulates the conversion objective of your website and the associated KPIs as clearly as possible. As a conversion optimization specialist, we always work purposefully: a clear conversion objective is the basis of all our search engine and conversion optimization advice.

“After a number of conversations with Stramark, they managed to convince me of the potential of a better findability of my flower bulb webshop in Google.”

S. Koeman
Director Koeman Flowerbulbs

How effective is your current website?

To determine a conversion goal, we look at your site’s conversion rate. The extent to which your website now converts is determined by many factors and depends, among other things, on:

  • Appearance
  • The extent to which style and content meet the expectations of the visitor
  • User friendliness
  • Clarity
  • Quality of the texts (SEO copywriting)

After a clear and measurable conversion target has been formulated, Stramark’s consultants determine the conversion targeting of your current website. They do this on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Is it immediately clear to visitors what your website has to offer?
  • Do you clearly communicate why your offer is more attractive than that of the competition?
  • Does the website answer the most obvious questions customers might have?
  • Does the website encourage visitors to make a product purchase or information request via so-called ‘calls to action’?
  • How easy is it for visitors to buy a product or request information?

You will then receive advice from us to optimize the effectiveness of your website.

This way you can get started right away!

The conversion power of a website depends on many factors. Conversion optimization can be achieved in several ways. Stramark gives conversion optimization advice on the design, functionality and texts of your website. This way, optimizing your website becomes concrete and you can get started right away.

The structure and texts should encourage your potential customers to make a purchase or request information. Buttons, forms and the checkout procedure (shopping cart) should ensure that your visitors reach the conversion goal. Preferably in as few steps as possible.

Website optimization by Stramark: the conversion specialist

There are always creative possibilities to improve the conversion of your website. For you as an entrepreneur it is especially important to know which improvement quickly leads to the best result.

Are you curious how your conversion can be boosted? Then contact Stramark. We are happy to tell you what website optimization can offer you compared to attracting more visitors through SEO or SEA. It is even possible to prepare a conversion optimization advice report for you. In this we make tailor-made recommendations that will increase the effectiveness of your website.

Can’t you realize it all yourself? No problem. As a website optimization agency, we also carry out project management. On request, we coordinate and monitor the implementation of our conversion optimization and advice that increases conversion.

Frequently asked questions about conversion optimization

📈 What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion optimization is turning your visitors into customers. Our goal is to increase the number of conversions, and therefore the conversion rate. Website optimization improves the experience of your customers on the website. As a result, they will proceed to order faster.

🤔 What is the purpose of conversion optimization?

You are trying to increase the conversion rate. What you mean by conversions is up to you. A conversion goal can be, for example: signing up for the newsletter, downloading a whitepaper, generating leads or selling products/services.

👍 How does conversion optimization work?

First you try to attract more visitors to your website by means of Google ads, SEO or social media. You will also optimize your website. This improves the user experience of the visitors who come to your website. This will make it faster for them to make a purchase, register for the newsletter, etc.

💰 What does conversion optimization cost?

This depends, among other things, on the objective you have, the market in which you operate and the competition you face. Within SMEs, we see that an investment of 5 to 15% of that turnover is required to obtain more turnover. Online marketing is not only about the investment, but also about what it yields. To find out what online marketing can offer you, you can request a free SEO and/or SEA analysis from Stramark. This way you know how you can recoup the marketing investment and when your business case is positive. Request an audit or contact Hans

😄 What are the benefits of outsourcing conversion optimization?

Outsourcing conversion optimization offers benefits such as access to expertise, objective evaluation, time savings, use of advanced tools and a result-oriented approach. This often results in improved conversion rates, higher sales and a greater impact on the bottom line.

Which online marketing activities can you outsource?

You probably have the phone in your hand right now to give us a call. But which online marketing activities can you outsource to us? We can help you in all areas:

Online Marketing

SEA SEO Copywriting
Linkbuilding Social Media

Content Marketing

Display Advertising Email Marketing

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we look at where the strength of your business lies and where there is potential for growth. We are happy to explain to you what the current situation is, what we want to achieve and how we are going to approach this.

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