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Stramark’s SEO audit quickly makes it clear what the benefits are of optimizing your website for search engines. Request today.

Non-binding SEO Audit of your online position

How SEO optimized is the website of your scale-up? With Stramark’s free SEO audit we can scan your website for all basic SEO elements. This way we can accurately determine the current status of your scale-up’s website and to what extent it is optimized for Google and the other search engines (Bing, Yahoo) –

Simply put, SEO consists of a number of factors that are used by Google and other search engines. These are used to rank the websites based on search terms (keywords) and relevance. With the SEO audit of Stramark, we will take a look at these factors in order to quickly get an idea of the current SEO status of your website.

Content optimization ( On page SEO ) audit

Content optimization is very important because search engines cannot see and read a website the way we humans can. It is therefore important for SEO that it is clearly stated what the web page is about. We do this by giving the title of the page a clear subject (keyword focus). It is then important to include these keywords in the URL, headings and subheadings.

Finally, it is of course also important for SEO to include the keywords in the texts themselves. When we scan your website for SEO scoring, we check this first.

Technical SEO Audit

Furthermore, there are numerous SEO factors that are important for the correct layout and structure of the website. Our SEO audit also looks at the URL structure, the robots.txt which indicates which content is important and which is less important and finally the internal link structure. It has also become increasingly important whether the website is optimized for mobile devices.

Google uses 200 factors that influence SEO. With the SEO audit we do not go through all these factors, but we can quickly give you a good idea of the possibilities and what SEO can mean for your scale-up! Register today for Stramark’s free SEO audit and check.

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