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Email marketing is an important part of online marketing. It is a simple way to generate more turnover from your existing customer base. In addition, you strengthen the relationship with your customers, stay top of mind and work on customer loyalty. An indispensable marketing tool. But how do you do it right? We can tell you a secret right away: many scale-ups outsource email marketing. As an email marketing agency, Stramark takes care of your email strategy from A to Z. But first…

We are happy to share our knowledge about Email Marketing. Read our blogs for tips!

Email Marketing Blogs

email-marketingWhat is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, where you come into direct contact with the customer. With email marketing, companies send emails to interested parties or customers. In the emails you will find, for example, news, offers, products, blogs or a customer satisfaction survey.

You can automate this sending of emails. Amazing! How does that work? With an email program you ensure that your emails are automatically sent to selected recipients. You can even link certain triggers to it. For example, your customer’s birthday, on which a discount email is sent out. This way you can build a completely automated campaign with different triggers.

Why is email marketing important?

Sending a newsletter may sound old-fashioned, but it is still effective! Email marketing gives you a lot of data to work with. This allows you to retarget. Retargeting is repeatedly approaching customers who show interest.

If you use an email program (for example MailChimp, CM or Campaign Monitor) you can see exactly who clicked on which link. This way you can approach them again with a product or blog that exactly meets their needs. Ideal! In addition, with email marketing you can reach customers who have not completed a purchase again to make a sale. Of course, you also keep relationships with customers warm by making yourself heard every now and then. And that’s just a selection of the possibilities.

These are the benefits of email marketing:

  • Low costs
  • Your message reaches a target group of your choice in a very targeted manner
  • Email is well known and popular among all ages
  • You receive a lot of useful data
  • You can target personally
  • You can automate it

Email marketing: is that actually something for you?

Now that you know the benefits of email marketing, it is wise to investigate whether it is something for you.

Email marketing does take some time. You write a text for it, think about who you are going to send the email to and possibly create an automation campaign. You need time and attention for that! And yes, even with AI it still takes a while. Be realistic about that.

Another aspect to think about: do you have enough to say? Email marketing is less useful if you send an email once every 6 months. To really see the effects of newsletters, you will have to send emails at least monthly. Preferably a little more often (without falling into the ‘spam’ category). So ask yourself whether you have enough content, or can create valuable content. In emails you don’t just take, you also give.

Do you have copywriters or a marketer who is on top of this? Then email marketing is for you. Does that not work and do you still want to start with emails? Then an email marketing agency might be something for you.

What do you want to achieve?

Sending an email is great. But what happens next? Of course you want readers to convert. In other words: take action. Therefore, before you start sending emails, first ask yourself what you want to achieve. email-marketingFor example:

  • Encourage repeat purchases
  • Generate leads
  • More traffic to your website
  • Strengthen the customer relationship
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

Choose one, and take it in your mind to the following:

    What do we provide as an email marketing agency?

    And now the key question: do you have the time, budget and staff to do it yourself or do you outsource your email marketing? Email marketing is often outsourced. And there is a reason for that. As an email marketing agency you can expect the following from us:

    • We make your scale-up’s email campaigns measurable, so that you know exactly which customers are interested in what. You can then approach these customers in a targeted manner and sell them something they are really waiting for.
    • We help you with an effective email strategy. Writing emails is easy. But do you want to achieve the goal you chose in the piece above? Then there is a rock-solid strategy behind it. And as experienced email marketers, we know exactly which one is right.
    • We help you choose an email software package. It sometimes seems like a maze, all the email packages that are offered. At email marketing agency Stramark, we know exactly what each service offers. Based on what you want to achieve, we advise you on the software that matches this.
    • We ensure the right amount of text and links in your mailings. Let’s be honest: the mailboxes of your target group are undoubtedly full. So you want to stand out in that. No one is going to read a lengthy email, but neither will an uninspiring short one. Our marketers know exactly what the best text/image ratio is, how to write converting texts and where the links should be.
    • We help with the right design and the ultimate appearance to achieve your goal. Many readers scan mailings. So they don’t read every word. It is therefore important that the design is strong and the appearance fits your brand and your purpose.

    Why outsource email marketing?

    Do you want to professionally outsource your email marketing to Online Marketing Bureau Stramark? We are happy to help you with the above points. This way you can be sure that attention and time is spent on powerful email campaigns and effective automation.

    We take the work off your hands and ensure that everything is set up as best as possible according to our expertise.

    This is how we work at Stramark

    We always start with an intake to discuss your wishes and expectations. This is also a time to introduce our agency to you and tell you what we can do for you. Are you enthusiastic about a collaboration? Then we would be happy to get to work for you! We always start with an action plan. Here you can see exactly what we will be working on in the first period. And what you can expect from that work. After approval of the action plan, we get to work.

    copernica registered partnerCopernica Software: a powerful tool for email marketing agencies

    Copernica is a powerful software for email marketing and marketing automation. With this platform you create and send smart and automatic email campaigns based on data, behaviour and smart business rules. The advantages of Copernica are the extensive target group segmentation options, many links with e-commerce systems and a high and reliable delivery rate. As a Copernica partner, we are ready to help you get the most out of email marketing and make outsourcing email marketing a success.

    Which online marketing activities can you outsource?

    You probably have the phone in your hand right now to give us a call. But which online marketing activities can you actually outsource to us? We can help you in all areas:


    Online Marketing

    SEA SEO Copywriting
    Linkbuilding Social Media

    Content Marketing

    Display Advertising Email Marketing

    Can’t choose? Please contact us and together we can take a look at where the strength of your business lies and where there is potential for growth. We would like to explain to you what the current situation is, what we want to achieve and how we will approach this.

    Do you want to take your email marketing to the next level?

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