Webshop Marketing for scale-ups

Although the online turnover of your growing company is increasing, you have the feeling that your webshop marketing can certainly take a few more steps. Growth in this phase requires specialists who take your webshop marketing to the next level. This professionalization of online marketing is what we are good at and in which we have a lot of experience in since 2008.

We are happy to assist you in your further growth with the help of webshop marketing. You can count on a proactive approach with a clear focus on results. Read more about our webshop marketing solution below.

Why Stramark?

As a full-service Webshop Marketing agency, we also offer the following services:

SEO Google Ads SEO Copywriting  Social Media Marketing

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What is webshop marketing?

Webshop marketing is the use of different types of paid and unpaid online marketing channels. These channels generate relevant traffic to your website, which contributes to a growing turnover of the webshop.

Why is webshop marketing so important?

Based on the past years, we can say that the growth in online turnover is very large, and the potential for even more growth is present. Products and services are increasingly offered and sold online. Although many entrepreneurs grow with their webshop, they are not yet successful enough. They do sell, but are not yet profitable. Therefore, you have to make sure you stand out among all the online shops that are popping up like mushrooms. Your scale-up’s webshop must be easier to find and your e-commerce marketing must be on the right level for that.

Moreover, online marketing for webshops offers clear insights. You can measure almost any activity in your webshop and retarget webshop visitors. At the same time you can measure the exact value of an order, which you can use in order to target a certain Return on Investment (ROI) or Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Online strategy as a basis for success

Out of enthusiasm, many entrepreneurs start too quickly with Google Ads, search engine optimization or publish content without first thinking about their target group, their distinctive character and segmentation. A well-thought-out strategy is the key to success when promoting a webshop. When you sail a clear course and make adjustments at the right moments, you get the most out of your online marketing activities. Stramark helps entrepreneurs come up with a strong online strategy, for both B2B and B2C. We firmly believe in a certain order of webshop marketing.

“After a number of conversations with Stramark, they managed to convince me of the potential of a better findability of my flower bulb webshop in Google.”

S. Koeman – Director Koeman Flowerbulbs

Outsource webshop marketing

To discover which marketing channel works best for you, you can hire an online marketing agency that has experience with webshops. After all, they know what works and what doesn’t. Stramark is a webshop marketing agency Amsterdam. We specialize in search engine marketing (search engine advertising and search engine optimization). In other words: we help promote the webshop to get high in the results of Google. In addition to search engine marketing, we cannot escape other online marketing activities such as link building, e-mail marketing, social media advertising and conversion optimization. That is why we look for a unique combination that works for you. We are happy to explain how we can be an extension of your scale-up:


Because we have worked on webshops in various industries, we have built up years of experience. This allows us to give you sound webshop advice and help you get the most out of your webshop.


‘Online marketing webshop’ is a profession of itself. There are different fields such as search engine advertising, search engine optimization, SEO copywriting, link building, social media and email marketing. This requires all-round expertise that is often not available within your own scale-up. Our team consists of 10 consultants, each with their own specialism. That way someone can start working for you right away.

Faster and cost efficient

You can hire a full-time employee within your own scale-up to make optimal use of your webshop promotion. However, this costs more than if you hire an e-commerce agency. A team of specialists is often more effective, for a lower budget. They can carry out work faster, because the necessary knowledge is available in all areas. Moreover, they are aware of the latest developments.


Specific tools are required to get started, and they can be quite expensive for SMEs. We already have them in house so that you can benefit from them.


If you want to get the most out of your webshop marketing, it takes a lot of time. All the while you also have to deal with purchasing, shipping, customer service and more. Save time by delegating it to our consultants. You think along with the strategy, then they implement it. That in turn results in focus. When you outsource it, you work more productively and we both do what we are good at.

Marketing in the right order makes all the difference

There are plenty of full-service e-commerce agencies that can take care of everything for their customers. However, this often lacks an underlying strategy. As an experienced webshop marketing agency, we know that the right order in webshop promotion makes the difference. We are a bit stubborn about this, but our years of experience have proven that it works. How do we do that? We first ensure more turnover and more sales by directly looking for people who are exactly looking for the unique service or product that you offer. By analyzing their behavior we get to know them better, and we then apply that knowledge in other online marketing resources. With the right keywords via Google Ads and SEO, we show the right message to potential customers. This produces measurable results that we can build on. We then work on increasing the value per customer through, among other things, Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Remarketing, Social Media Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Marketing and Content Marketing. The right combination ultimately leads to more customers.
At Stramark we use the following order in webshop online marketing:

Online Marketing

SEA SEO Copywriting
Linkbuilding Social Media

Content Marketing

Display Advertising Email Marketing

In each step we use the knowledge from the previous step to make strategic decisions. By continuously measuring the activities, we are increasingly able to find the right customers, who ensure growth in the number of sales at acceptable costs.

1. SEA webshop with Google Ads – Paid high in Google

Online advertising in search engines such as Google (SEA) is often used to promote a webshop, because it is a strong online marketing tool. This will make you appear above the organic (unpaid) search results. It is a good way to find out which products or services score well in your online store. Your ad will only be shown to people who enter a specific search query that matches your webshop. You can also decide for yourself which message you communicate and when. That way you send the right advertisement, to the right target group, at the right time. Different forms of advertising are possible, such as keyword ads, Google Shopping, remarketing, display ads, and more.

The advantage of e-commerce Google Ads is that you can approach your target group in a very targeted way. In addition, you are immediately visible and you have immediate results. You determine your own budget and you can adjust it monthly. Moreover, you only pay for clicks. Good to know: We are certified Google Premier Partner. We can therefore provide you with appropriate e-commerce marketing advice.

2. SEO webshop – Unpaid high in Google

With webshop SEO, also known as search engine optimization, you ensure that you get higher in Google without paying. A better position in Google ensures more potential customers who can find your webshop on certain keywords. Search engine optimization consists of several parts, including on-page and technical optimization. With on-page optimization, we focus on the textual and visual content of your webshop. A good product presentation and specific product information (what is it suitable for, material, dimensions, etc.) is important. With technical optimization we work at the back of the website. Think of, among other things, the speed, navigation structure and technology. A good foundation is important here. We see Magento and WooCommerce as an SEO-friendly webshop system with which the best results can be achieved.

Compared to SEA, SEO webshop will not generate revenue growth in the short term. With search engine optimization you build organic findability, which in the long term will ensure a better ratio between your marketing costs and turnover. However, e-commerce SEO is becoming increasingly complex, but our experts know how to deal with heavy e-commerce platforms such as Magento and are aware of the latest developments.

3. SEO Copywriting – Telling what you sell

Well-written texts are a must for your webshop. A beautifully designed webshop is not enough. SEO copywriting is about writing texts that are interesting for your visitors and the search engines. Think of information on your homepage, product descriptions and call to action buttons. Good texts ensure a higher involvement of your target group and they encourage action. It creates, as it were, a ‘I must have this’ feeling. Moreover, with good content you will rank higher in the search engines. Our e-commerce copywriter searches for the right keywords, headers and elements for this.

Based on an analysis, we look at what you as a web retailer need at a certain time. When texts need to be rewritten or new texts need to be added, the SEO copywriter will make instructions for this. Of course you can also outsource it completely to us. We ensure that your passion is translated into a successful and unique story.

4. Conversion Optimization – Improve number of sales

A webshop with visitors is not enough. To increase sales, visitors must be converted into customers. This requires conversion optimization, this way you increase the possibility of conversions in your webshop.

The higher the number of conversions compared to the number of visitors, the higher your conversion rate. That percentage gets a boost when we get started with conversion optimization (CRO). This method is particularly effective in combination with SEA and SEO webshop. More visitors ensure that you can measure more quickly whether your CRO efforts are having an effect. We gain insight into this data with web analytics including Google Analytics, Mouse and click tracking. We can use the learnings from these platforms and optimize the webshop even better.

5. Content Marketing – Show that you are an expert

You cannot simply tell potential customers that you sell the best and most beautiful products. They want to feel that you understand them and that they have come to the right place. Content marketing can help you with that, creating value for visitors. If you constantly and consistently distribute relevant content, visitors will see you as an authority.

Content is necessary for webshop optimization. Content ensures that your webshop is findable, it provides information, it can encourage potential customers to make a purchase and reviews can be written. Improving your scale-up’s webshop is only possible if everything is in line with each other. This requires a content strategy and we are happy to help you with that!

“We really like the collaboration with Stramark. We are very satisfied with the results they achieve for us in the field of SEO and SEA. The mutual contact is also very pleasant, Stramark is easily and quickly accessible. A great company to work with.”

Willem Jan Kraanen – Director Texelana

6. Linkbuilding – Improving Online Reputation

With linkbuilding you get links from external websites to your webshop. The more relevant websites refer to your webshop, the more SEO value you get from Google. It is even better if those websites have a good reputation. If a blogger writes about parenting and places a link to a laptop web store, this link is worth less than if a gardening website links to a flower bulb web store.

Google likes to see a natural link building profile. Therefore, make sure that your webshop has value for visitors, because that way you add something to the internet. There is then a greater chance that people will link to your webshop of their own accord. You create value, for example, by good product descriptions and sharing instructional videos.

Before you get started with linkbuilding, it is important that you draw up a well-thought-out strategy. Determine the keywords you want to score on, the pages that go with it and think about which websites are interesting to be placed on. Our linkbuilding experts are happy to help you make such decisions and set up a strategy with you.

7. Remarketing – Don’t be forgotten

With remarketing, also known as retargeting, you encourage people to make a purchase when they have visited your webshop before. With text and image ads on external websites, you remind them of your shop, which can lead to more conversions. This can be done at product level (showing a specific viewed product) or corporate level (returning visitors to your webshop in general).

Although it is a very effective tool and the costs are low, we only use this channel when everything is in line. First, it must be clear what message is being communicated. This way we can get the most out of this marketing tool.

8. Display Advertising – Reach the target audience

With display advertising, you advertise online by means of text and/or visual banners on websites that your target group visits. This channel is ideal if, for example, you want to increase the brand awareness of your webshop or if you want to promote a special offer.

It is also possible to target on location, which makes this channel very interesting for local companies. Do you make wooden furniture and deliver it in Amsterdam and the surrounding area? Then the banners will only be shown in this area.

A big advantage is that you can measure display advertising properly. For example, look at the number of views, who clicked on the ad and whether there was a conversion. We use this data to further optimize. Again, it is important that the objective and message are clear in advance. Only then will the Stramark experts work with you on a display campaign.

9. Social Media Marketing – Reach the target audience on social

Research shows that about 15% of Dutch consumers use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to buy products and services. So make sure you are present on different social media channels. We recommend that you start with social media marketing (advertising) when the rest of your online marketing is in place, especially SEA and SEO. This channel does not provide directly measurable results, but is aimed at interactivity. A well-thought-out social media strategy can be aimed at creating brand awareness through advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

10. E-mailmarketing – Reach your current customers

Webshop owners are often busy recruiting new customers. Fine of course, but it costs a lot less to sell something to existing customers. It is therefore important that you bind satisfied customers to you so that you can approach them later. Email marketing is a (cheap) way to do this. With targeted e-mails you approach your customer base and entice them to make a repeat purchase or a first purchase.

Whether e-mailing is successful depends on various factors. That is why it is wise to draw up a strategy in advance. After sending, the effect of email marketing can be measured very well. We can accurately find out what a mailing has produced and what has or has not worked.

Stramark’s method

Stramark’s webshop marketing specialists work with you to find out where the strength of your webshop lies and where the potential for growth lies. We explain to you in understandable language what the current situation is, what we want to work towards through an e-commerce marketing plan and how we are going to approach it. Thanks to our years of experience with webshops, we can provide you with solid webshop advice. Do you have someone who can implement our advice? Then our consultants take the advisory chair. You can always count on a proactive working method and a fixed contact person who responds quickly.

Which webshop marketing is right for me?

Our advice: don’t start with everything at once. First choose the most suitable e-commerce marketing method that works for you, this can be different for every scale-up. If you don’t do this, you will find that no method is completely successful. The trick is to find the right combination that works for your scale-up. This way you get the most out of every online marketing activity.

Do you want to know what is possible for improving your webshop? Then send us a message. We are happy to help you!

Frequently asked questions about webshop marketing

📈 What is webshop marketing?

Webshop marketing is promoting your webshop through the use of different types of marketing channels. These can be paid or unpaid. This brings more traffic to your online shop, which in turn contributes to more sales.

🤔 What is the purpose of webshop marketing?

Just like with online marketing, the sale of products and/or services does not have to be the only goal. With webshop marketing you can, for example, improve the image of your company, generate more visitors, reach existing customers or increase conversion.

👍 What forms of webshop marketing are there?

You can use the same channels as with online marketing, namely Google Ads, SEO, SEO copywriting, conversion optimization, content marketing, link building, remarketing, display advertising, social media marketing or email marketing.

💰 What does webshop marketing cost?

This depends, among other things, on the objective you have, the market in which you operate and the competition you face. Within SMEs, we see that an investment of 5 to 15% of that turnover is required to obtain more turnover. Online marketing is not only about the investment, but also about what it yields. To find out what online marketing can offer you, you can request a free SEO and/or SEA analysis from Stramark. This way you know how you can recoup the marketing investment and when your business case is positive. Request an audit or contact Hans.

😄 What are the benefits of outsourcing webshop marketing?

Outsourcing webshop marketing offers advantages such as the expertise of professionals, time savings, access to various marketing channels, conversion optimization and a result-oriented approach. This can lead to greater visibility, increased sales and growth of your webshop.

Do you also want to get everything out of your webshop?

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