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Appearing at the top of search engine results is what you want. But as a growing company with 10+ employees, you’re looking for a customized search engine advertising (SEA) solution. Growth at this stage requires specialists who can take your Google Ads results to the next level. This is what we are good at and what we have experience in since 2008.

With search engine advertising you can increase your visitor numbers and get more sales from your webshop or leads from your website. Together with search engine optimization (SEO) we have an ideal combination to realize this. We are happy to assist you in your further growth with search engine advertising. You can count on a proactive approach with a clear focus on results.

Read more about Google Ads (SEA) below.

Why outsource Google Ads?

Why outsource with Stramark?


As a full-service Google Ads marketing agency, we also offer the following services:

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What is Google Ads (SEA)?
Stramark SEA

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and it means search engine advertising. You can do this with the platform Google Ads. It is a form of online marketing that allows you to easily and quickly reach your target audience. For example, if you sell chairs, you set up a Google Ads campaign based on the search query “buy chairs.” Someone with the intention of buying a chair types this into Google and then your ad appears. The person clicks on it and buys a chair on your website. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Benefits of SEA

What exactly is the big advantage of advertising in Google, or a Google Ads campaign? Once your campaign is live, you will immediately be found on your targeted keywords. This allows you to directly generate highly relevant traffic to your website. You do not target people who are not interested in your offer. With SEA optimization, you will be visible on the first page with the search query that matches your products or services in no time. Besides visibility, there is another big advantage: everything is very measurable. This allows you to know in a relatively short time what works. Which keywords lead to sales of your service or product at what cost per sale? With Google Ads, this is very easy to understand. We as a Google Ads marketing agency (SEA agency) can clearly explain this to you.

But, there are other benefits of Google advertising:

  • Clear insights about impressions, clicks and conversions of your keywords and ad copy.
  • After a few months you will know which keywords convert best and which SEA marketing message goes with them.
  • You decide how much budget to invest.
  • Enough requests or too few? Google Ads campaigns can be turned on and off with just one click.

Does this sound like something for you? We are Google Certified Partner and as Google Advertising professionals we would love to tell you more about it. This means that our consultants are Google Ads certified and can give advice on the latest developments in Google advertising. Advice in search engine advertising helps you be better than your competitors in this way.

“Stramark was able to reduce our Google Ads costs by up to 30% through some clever solutions. An exceptional achievement! The fast and fine communication with Kevin and Wouter certainly benefits our cooperation.”

Thijs van Holthuijsen
Marketing Manager Firm24

Google Ads outsourcing?

If you choose to outsource Google Ads to Online Marketing Bureau Stramark, one of our Google Ads specialists will manage your Google Ads campaign on a monthly basis. In addition, our Google Ads help includes monthly contact with the consultant who knows everything about your Google campaigns. Every month you will receive a report on the work done and you will receive an overview with the most important results. The process goes as follows:

Google Ads Audit

After you have requested the Google Ads audit, we will look at your Google Ads account and examine its performance. After this we will contact you and discuss the results and possibilities.

Intake in person or online

First, we invite you for an intake at our office or online. Here you will meet your personal consultant. During this meeting we would like to hear more about your scale-up and your industry. Together we determine the objective(s) for the Google Ads campaigns and create a plan of approach. Then we get to work.

Setting up campaigns

We set up the Google Ads campaigns discussed, choosing only the keywords we expect to be relevant to your product or service.


Next, we write multiple ad texts. By using multiple ad texts, we gradually learn through AB testing which text resonates better with the target audience. Ad extensions are also created.


Once everything is ready, you approve the set-up of the campaigns and then they can go live.

First three months

In the first three months we work on getting relevant traffic. We also examine how we can best convert this traffic and whether the costs per conversion are profitable. After the first three months there is an evaluation and a new plan of approach.

    Your Google Ads Agency in Amsterdam

    We often see clients seek our help when they have tried to deploy Google Ads campaigns on their own, but are not getting the desired results. They see a lot of clicks and costs, but leads unfortunately lag behind. This is not surprising, as there are many elements to consider in a Google Ads campaign. In addition, search engine advertising goes beyond just the technique of the Ads campaign. It is also important to consider the industry you are advertising in, how people search for your products or services, and which keywords actually bring in customers. Paying only for visitors who come to your website and then don’t buy anything, or buy from a competitor, is obviously pointless. All this requires specialized knowledge about search engine advertising. At Stramark – the Google Ads Agency in Amsterdam – you can have your Google Ads campaign handled by a Google Ads Certified Individual who has passed official Google exams. So you are assured of high quality and return.

    Frequently asked questions about search engine advertising (SEA)

    ๐Ÿ“ˆ What is search engine advertising?

    Search engine advertising is paid advertising in search engines such as Google. You can do this with Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords.

    ๐Ÿค” What is the purpose of search engine advertising?

    SEA aims to reach your target audience quickly and easily by appearing at the top of search results. You choose this if you want to immediately generate more visitors to your website and more sales.

    ๐Ÿ‘ How does search engine advertising work?

    The Google Ads campaign is set up based on keywords that are relevant to your business. When someone types this into Google, your ad appears. The person clicks, converts to a visitor and can then make a purchase. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

    ๐Ÿ’ฐ What does search engine advertising cost?

    That depends, among other things, on the objective you have, the market in which you operate and the competition you face. Within SMEs, we see that, when getting more sales, an investment of 5 to 15% of those sales is needed. Online marketing is not only about the investment, but also about what it brings. To find out what online marketing can bring you, you can request a free SEO and/or SEA analysis from Stramark. So you know how you can earn back your marketing investment and when your business case is positive. Vraag een vrijblijvende analyse aan of Request a free analysis or feel free to contact Hans.

    ๐Ÿ˜„ What are the benefits of search engine advertising outsourcing?

    Outsourcing search engine advertising offers the following benefits: expertise from professionals, time savings, cost savings, access to advanced tools and technologies, and engagement with market trends. The decision to outsource search engine advertising depends on your company’s specific needs and goals.

    What online marketing activities can you outsource?

    You probably have the phone in your hand right now to give us a call. But what online marketing activities can you actually outsource to us? We can help you in all areas:


    Online Marketing

    SEA SEO Copywriting
    Linkbuilding Social Media

    Content Marketing

    Display Advertising Email Marketing

    Feel free to contact us. Together we will look at the strengths of your business and its potential for growth. We will gladly explain the current situation, what we want to achieve and how we are going to tackle it.


    Want to take your Google Ads to the next level?

    Call with Hans!