SEO Copywriting for scale-ups

As a growing company with 10+ employees, you are looking for a tailor-made SEO Copywriting solution. Growth in this phase requires specialists who take your SEO Copywriting to the next level. This professionalization of SEO Copywriting is what we are good at and where we have a lot of experience in since 2008.

We are happy to assist you in your further growth with the help of SEO Copywriting. You can count on a proactive approach with a clear focus on results. See more about our SEO Copywriting solution below.

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What is SEO copywriting?

Let’s start at the beginning: what is copywriting? Copywriting is writing texts. But what exactly are SEO texts? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and means making a website easier to find in search engines such as Google. SEO copywriting is therefore writing texts that make a website easier to find in Google. An SEO copywriter is someone who writes SEO texts.

Why do I need it?

SEO texts ensure better findability, but also improve the clarity, appearance and confidence of your site. In addition, with SEO copywriting you increase the number of visitors and the share of those who become customers. In this way you improve the turnover of your website. For high-quality SEO texts, you can contact Stramark. For us, SEO copywriting is always part of an integrated online marketing strategy. And as you are used to from us: with a focus on results!

Have SEO texts written by Stramark: SEO and conversion!

Good copy not only ensures that your website is easier to find in Google, but also contributes to the selling power of your website. Good texts encourage visitors to make a purchase or make contact. Sales-oriented copy clearly communicates what you have to offer and attractively presents the benefits of your proposition. With high-quality copywriting, Stramark takes the sales effectiveness (conversion power) of your website to a higher level.

Read more about conversion optimization

How can I write SEO texts?

Do you want your website to rank higher in Google for a certain search term? Then it is important that this search term (keyword) occurs on your website. A proven way to be found better on a specific keyword is to write a text for this keyword topic and add it to your website as a separate page.

You can write SEO texts yourself and add them to your website. Good texts for online are:

  • Clear about the product or service you offer on the website
  • Quick and clear for casual visitors
  • Attractively readable for all visitors
  • Built according to the expectations of the intended visitors
  • Easy to find in search engines
  • Written according to the Google guidelines for writing texts for websites
  • Sales Oriented – Written with a clearly defined goal in advance
  • Sales-oriented – attractively and convincingly written
  • Sales oriented – provide links to the right pages on your website


So when writing SEO you take into account a considerable number of aspects. For that reason, SEO copywriting is a specialist field that requires extensive knowledge, both technically and substantively.

SEO copywriting: technical knowledge

Pages that are added to your website must also be technically written correctly. This further increases the effect on findability in Google. For example, correct use of both the title and subheadings in a text is important for Google to determine what the text is about.

“We really like the collaboration with Stramark. We are very satisfied with the results they achieve for us in the field of SEO and SEA.”

Willem Jan Kraanen
Director Texelana

SEO copywriting: substantive knowledge

A visitor wants to know something about a company, the products or services offered through the website. He or she wants to know why this website in particular offers a solution to purchase a product or service.

Only when you have formulated a clear goal for the website can you write clear texts. By writing convincingly, a potential customer is made enthusiastic about your product or service. Titles, subheadings and lists allow the customer to scan and quickly find what they are looking for. A clearly visible ‘order now’ button makes it clear to visitors that your website sells products and that they are just one click away from placing an order.

Writing SEO texts by Stramark

You can of course get started as an SEO writer yourself. As mentioned, this requires extensive technical and substantive knowledge. Having SEO texts written by an SEO copywriting agency is therefore ideal. Stramark is the SEO copywriting specialist and is happy to help you! Read below how we work.

Our method

To ensure that the texts present your scale-up and offer as correctly, clearly and attractively as possible, Stramark’s SEO copywriter always conducts an interview with you first. After the intake, Stramark draws up an SEO copywriting plan in consultation with the copywriter. Based on this, the copywriter writes texts for your website. Attention is paid to logic, flow and goal orientation. Of course we check in the meantime whether the content fits well with your scale-up.

SEO text optimization

If the texts have been correctly supplied by the SEO copywriter, Stramark will then optimize them for findability in search engines:

The title and subheadings

Stramark optimizes the page for both the human user and search engines. This means that the title and subheadings are provided with the correct keywords. At the same time, the title and subheadings should encourage the human user to continue reading.

Internal links

Stramark adds internal links to the text and determines the most suitable target page and link title for each link. This helps visitors to easily find relevant information. Internal links help search engines crawl the website better.

Keyword density

Frequent use of keywords leads to a deterioration of your position in Google. Stramark therefore checks whether the keyword density of the texts is not too high. When determining the keyword density, Stramark considers the text after placement. This also counts the words on the standard page elements (eg menu and footer) and invisible keywords in the HTML (eg link titles).


We can also ensure that the texts are placed correctly on your website. This means that we adjust the HTML code for you, so that the texts are optimally found in Google. The best thing about having SEO texts written by Stramark: you don’t have to do anything yourself! We handle it from start to finish.

Why Outsource SEO Copywriting?

You want your website or webshop to be found better and to convert better. Then outsourcing SEO copywriting to the SEO copywriting agency Stramark in Amsterdam is a smart idea. Good SEO texts require technical and substantive knowledge. That is often not present within your own scale-up. Our team consists of 10 consultants, each with their own specialism, who can provide you with solid SEO copywriting advice. Because we have worked for different clients in various industries, we have built up years of experience. This allows us to guarantee SEO texts that are easy to find and increase sales. Our team of specialists is happy to get started with content for your website. A clear SEO copywriting plan is drawn up in advance in order to work in a structured and targeted manner. This requires specific tools, which can be quite expensive for SMEs. We already have them in house so that you can benefit from them. Finally, really good SEO copywriting and maintaining it takes time. Time that you may not have or prefer to spend on your own business. Save time by leaving it to our SEO copywriting consultants. You think along with the strategy, then they implement it. That in turn results in focus. When you outsource it, you work more productively and we both do what we are good at.

Which online marketing activities can you outsource?

You probably have the phone in your hand right now to give us a call. But which online marketing activities can you outsource to us? We can help you in all areas:

Online Marketing

SEA SEO Copywriting
Linkbuilding Social Media

Content Marketing

Display Advertising Email Marketing

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we look at where the strength of your business lies and where there is potential for growth. We are happy to explain to you what the current situation is, what we want to achieve and how we are going to approach this.


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