Content Marketing for scale-ups

As a growing company with 10+ employees, you are looking for tailor-made SEO content marketing. Growth in this phase requires specialists who take your content marketing to the next level. This professionalization of content marketing is what we are good at and in which we have built up a lot of experience in since 2008.

Companies that effectively use SEO content marketing improve their findability and are more relevant to their target group. This ultimately leads to higher conversion and more sales. But not all the content we see around us is effective. Content with the right message, at the right time and for the right target group. This distinguishes you from the competition. To achieve this combination you need a good content marketing strategy.

We are happy to assist you in your further growth with the help of SEO content marketing. You can count on a proactive approach with a clear focus on results. Read more about SEO content marketing below.

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What is SEO content marketing?Stramark Content Marketing

Everyone is talking about content these days, but what is it? Content can be found in different forms. This could include the text on a website, social media posts, Christmas recipes in a supermarket magazine, blog texts, etc. That one catchy sentence in a banner advertisement also falls under the concept of content. SEO content marketing is offering that content through the right channel (website, Facebook, Twitter, magazine, newspaper, TV), at the right time and for the right audience. The goal is to inform and convince your target group throughout the entire buying process with the ultimate goal of converting your target group into loyal customers.

Content marketing: the key to success!

The customer is therefore central to this form of marketing. It’s not about selling any products or services you offer. Although this is primarily the goal of online marketing, qualitative content only ensures sales at a later stage. How does that work? When you consistently publish high-quality content, you inspire trust in people. This will make them feel connected and see you as an authority. This can result in word-of-mouth advertising and in turn lead to more conversion.

In addition, a good content strategy is not only important for the successful distribution of content. A well-thought-out content strategy also lays the foundation for successful SEA and SEO. The strategy converts online objectives into valuable content.

SEO & content marketing

If you are actively producing content, this also has an impact on SEO marketing. By regularly providing new and relevant information to your target group, you attract new traffic to your website. Content marketing SEO works like this:

  • New SEO content on your website; both Google and users value fresh content because it shows that you are an active business.
  • Relevant content; Google values websites that provide relevant answers to search queries
  • More information, about more topics, results in more customers.
  • The content not only meets the needs of your target group, but it is also shown where they are.

In short: relevant traffic ensures lower bounce rates, more visits to the website and longer visits to the website. Added value through more relevant content is essential for search engine optimization. Content marketing helps you streamline the content creation process.

“We really like the collaboration with Stramark. We are very satisfied with the results they achieve for us in the field of SEO and SEA.”

Willem Jan Kraanen
Director Texelana

Create an SEO content marketing strategy

The biggest challenge in SEO content marketing is choosing the right time to serve content to potential customers. They go through different phases in the customer journey and have different needs in each phase. A targeted approach is therefore of great importance. This requires a well-considered strategy with planning. Analyze all topics that are relevant according to the different stages of the buying process.

Content during the various stages of the buying process

Using Google’s STDC model, we can explain how people can be influenced at different stages of the buying process. This is also referred to as the ‘See, Think, Do, Care model’. Provide potential and current customers with information throughout the buying process. We are happy to clarify it on the basis of a garden website.


See Think Do Care model

Phase 1: See

In the first phase, people are interested in a certain product. By answering their questions or problems with content, you create the need for your product. Are people searching for ‘hedge trimming’? Then make sure you publish content that matches this. For example, by writing an article about the best time to prune, how to do it and what tools are needed for this. A content agency or content creation agency can help you with this.

Phase 2: Think

People then do research and compare products from different providers. It is important that you stand out and convince that your product is the best. Knowledge-related content such as specialist articles or reviews work well in this case. This shows that you know what you are talking about and that is how you create authority. For example, have a blog written by a content marketing specialist in which different garden tools are explained.

Phase 3: Do

During the third phase, people make a purchase. You will now have to keep the promises you made in earlier phases. Have you created an image that you can easily and quickly order the product in question online? Then make sure that the purchasing process runs smoothly. To entice the potential customer to purchase your product, you can send them a mailing.

Phase 4: Care

You want to turn customers into loyal customers. For example, make a sowing calendar, provide information about pests and how to combat them. Or provide information about planting, harvesting and maintaining various plants. All content matters that are important before, during and after the buying process. So you constantly offer prospects, current customers and loyal customers the content that is so useful to them. This will make them more involved with your brand and you will eventually benefit from positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Content for Certain Circumstances

Weather affects website traffic

Ad hoc events can give a huge boost to your website traffic. The weather is a good example that you as a marketer can respond to. For example: a shoemaker who sharpens skates wants to be found with ‘sharpening skates + place of residence’ as a search term. By writing an article about this in advance, the traffic to the website will get a huge boost when it starts to freeze. If you don’t make that content until it’s already freezing, you’re missing out on customers.

Holidays can help you generate extra sales

Public holidays are also a good example on the basis of which content can easily be created. Think of Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Email marketing is an ideal means to serve specific content to your customers. You can also easily plan this into a content marketing strategy.

Responding to external factors that influence your scale-up

Changing the VAT rate for contractors to 6 percent is a good reason for construction companies and contractors to place an article on their website. By informing customers that renovation is cheaper, you create added value for your customer with extra content. You can also use other news facts to promote traffic to your website. A rival airline that seizes a strike at Air-France by advertising with “We will fly. Moreover, we are also cheaper.” is a good example of that.

Double SEO content for extra traffic

By doubling your content, you can easily and relatively quickly increase traffic to your website. For example, try creating new categories based on current categories. Think of knee brace and knee bandage. They are the same products but 2 different search terms are possible. You want to be as widely findable as possible. So check whether certain synonyms apply to your website!

Outsource content marketing?

Of course you can get started with your content strategy and content creation yourself. A really good strategy that fits your scale-up, is placed on the right channels and is consistent. Creating the content itself is also a profession of its own, for example SEO copywriting. Keyword research is required when writing high-quality texts for consumers in the first phase of the customer journey. After all, you want to know what they are looking for. That requires specialist knowledge.

That is why content marketing is a field that you may prefer to outsource to Stramark – SEO content marketing agency Amsterdam. Our team consists of 10 consultants, each with their own specialism. Because we have worked for different clients in various industries, we have built up years of experience. As a result, we know what works and what doesn’t and we understand content creation, content optimization and copywriting. This way we can provide you with sound advice on content marketing. Together with our specialists, you set up a strategy based on a content marketing plan. You think along, then they implement it. Implementation requires specific tools, which can be quite costly for SMEs. We already have them in house so that you can benefit from them. Finally, really good content marketing and maintaining it takes time. Time that you may not have or prefer to spend on your own business. Save time by leaving it to our content marketing consultants. That in turn results in focus. When you outsource it, you work more productively and we both do what we are good at. Tell Online Marketing Bureau Stramark your story, then we’ll get to work!

Frequently asked questions about content marketing

📈 What is content marketing?

Content includes blogs, text in banner ads and social media posts. Content marketing is about offering that content to a specific target group, through the right channel at the right time.

🤔 What is the purpose of content marketing?

With content marketing you try to provide the target group with information during the entire buying process and to convince them. Your ultimate goal, of course, is to convert them into customers. Even better: loyal customers.

👍 How does content marketing work?

It’s about publishing quality content on a regular basis. This will inspire confidence in the target group, so that they will see you as an authority. Partly due to word-of-mouth advertising, you ensure more conversions at a later stage. Google also appreciates this content and rewards you with higher rankings.

💰 What does content marketing cost?

This depends, among other things, on the objective you have, the market in which you operate and the competition you face. Within SMEs, we see that an investment of 5 to 15% of that turnover is required to obtain more turnover. Online marketing is not only about the investment, but also about what it yields. To find out what online marketing can offer you, you can request a free SEO and/or SEA analysis from Stramark. This way you know how you can recoup the marketing investment and when your business case is positive. Request an audit or contact Hans

😄 What are the benefits of outsourcing content marketing?

Outsourcing content marketing offers benefits such as access to expertise, time savings, quality and consistency, diverse content formats, SEO optimization and analytics. This leads to an improved online presence, engagement and the achievement of marketing objectives.

Do you need a SEO content strategy?

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