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How does Online Marketing work?

A website without visitors is pointless. It would be great if people who are specifically looking for the products or services you offer end up on your website. And then actually make a purchase or at least leave their details.

Online Marketing has many aspects. Nowadays, all these aspects must be optimally organized to convince customers to make their purchase or leave their details. Depending on the type of service or product, certain marketing channels are more or less effective.

Search Engine Marketing is a powerful way to sell products or services. It ensures that a website ranks high in Google. Search Engine Marketing consists of Search Engine Advertising and Search Engine Optimization. So paid and unpaid high in Google. Specialist knowledge and experience are important for both to achieve good results.

Search engine advertising (Google Ads) is powerful because more visitors are immediately brought into contact with the advertised products or services. It is often quickly clear where the potential for sales of those products or services is greatest. This can be seen by the number of impressions and clicks, and often the actual requests or sales.

Search Engine Optimization uses the knowledge of search engine advertising about keywords and marketing message. Furthermore, the technology of the website is optimized so that Google optimally understands what the website is about. You can also use this optimal marketing message in other communications.

Linkbuilding is improving the authority and reputation of a website. Websites with high authority and reputation are ranked higher by Google than websites with comparable content. We do this by creating incoming links from other websites.

Social Media Marketing provides the opportunity to draw attention to products and services when people are not specifically looking for them. This is therefore extremely suitable for awareness campaigns. There are also options to entice visitors to your website again to go to your website or to leave their details.

Conversion Optimization is optimizing the customer experience. You do this by adapting the technical operation to what the customer expects. Visually ensure that the visitor makes maximum use of the desired action. Be clear about what you offer. The website can be continuously improved based on all data collected about what works and what doesn’t work, analytics, mouse and click tracking.

Agile Marketing is the working method of Online Marketing Bureau Stramark. For us, this means that we make a plan based on the objectives and budget of the scale up. We continuously measure the results and proactively improve where possible and where necessary. We respond quickly, are flexible and the customer talks directly to the specialist. In reports and status updates we keep the customer informed based on priority, what we are proactively doing and what we are planning. We use the hours as effectively as possible. Unused hours are carried over to the next month. We do what is necessary with ‘Focus on Result’.