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  • Google Certified Partner
  • Be number 1 in the search results
  • More results within 3 months
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Google Ads. With Google Ads you pay for your reach, but the goal is the same as with SEO: promote your brand, product or content. It is a powerful marketing and sales tool, as it shows your ads to a very specific target group.

But it is precisely these specifications that make Google Ads a specialist work. Perhaps you have already tasted it and are hesitant to refer it to an expert. We understand that very well – and we are happy to help you make this choice.

  • Be number 1 in the results of your target group
  • Immediately more leads 
  • Acquire more customers
  • Reduce your costs per lead
  • Make your results measurable and transparent
  • Benefit from a consultant’s years of experience in multiple industries


Why outsource Google Ads to Stramark?

  • We are a Google Certified Partner
  • You will receive a personal consultant who will delve deeper into your scale-up
  • We work results-oriented to achieve as many conversions as possible for the right costs per conversion
  • You will receive monthly reports on your results
  • 80% of our customers achieve more results online within 3 months


    What is Google Ads?

    For the starters among us: what exactly is Google Ads? Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google that allows companies to create and display advertisements to reach their target audience. These advertisements appear on Google channels. For example on Google Search, YouTube and Google Display Network. With Google Ads you can reach a target group in a very targeted manner, because you advertise on specific keywords.

    As an advertiser, you pay based on the number of clicks your advertisements receive. Additionally, you can set a budget and bid on ad placements to control costs and maximize ad performance.

    Google Ads provides a powerful and flexible way for businesses of all sizes to reach potential customers and drive traffic to their websites or promote products and services.

    5 reasons to use Google Ads

    Now that you know what Google Ads exactly is, it is also useful to understand why companies use this form of advertising. Google Ads can deliver a lot:

    1. More visibility. With Google Ads you show advertisements to potential customers who are looking for your products or services, which increases the visibility of your company and your products.
    2. More traffic. By creating and optimizing targeted ads, you’ll drive more traffic to your website and reach potential customers you might not have found otherwise.
    3. Higher conversions. Google Ads allows you to target your audience based on specific criteria, such as keywords, locations and interests. This allows you to create ads that are relevant to potential customers. The more relevant you are, the greater the chance that customers will actually convert.
    4. Better measurability. Google Ads lets you track exactly how ads are performing, including clicks, impressions, and conversions. This allows you to optimize advertisements and spend the advertising budget more efficiently.
    5. Flexibility. Google Ads gives you the flexibility to adjust and change ad campaigns at any time based on how well it is performing. This allows you to quickly respond to changing circumstances and adapt advertisements to the needs of the target group.

    Why outsource Google Ads?

    And now the key question: do you want to outsource Google Ads or would you rather keep it in-house? It is a question that we see often at Stramark. And that is very understandable! We’ll explain why.

    The benefits of outsourcing Google Ads

    • You will quickly have more leads.
    • It takes you less or no time.
    • You don’t have to invest in in-house knowledge.
    • You are higher in the search results of your target group.
    • You acquire more customers.
    • You reduce your costs per lead.
    • You make your results measurable and transparent.
    • With each consultant you benefit from years of experience in multiple industries.

    The disadvantages of outsourcing Google Ads

    • You may feel less in control. Of course you always have access yourself and we will report to you if desired.
    • You invest some time every month to contact your consultant.

    This is how outsourcing Google Ads works

    Have you decided to outsource Google Ads? To give you an idea, this is the process at Stramark in a nutshell:

    If you choose to outsource Google Ads to Stramark, one of our Google Ads specialists will manage your campaign. You will receive a monthly report from the consultant. Every month you will receive a report on the work carried out and an overview of the most important results. This way you are completely ‘up to date’ and you can indicate where you want to make adjustments and where things are already going great.

    The process at Stramark from A to Z

    You’ve now read the process in a nutshell, but now let’s see how outsourcing Google Ads works in practice. From A to Z, this is how we at Stramark make your Google Ads campaign a success:

    1. Have a Google Ads Audit performed

    If you want to start with us, you can first request an audit. In the audit we look at your current or past campaigns and examine performance. We check for several factors, including account structure, targeting, keywords, ad copy, bidding strategies and campaign performance. After the analysis, we look at options to make better use of your advertising budget and improve your ROI (Return on Investment). It is of course also possible that your scale-up does not yet have an existing Google Ads account. In that case, we talk about your market, goals and wishes and investigate what we can do for you.

    You will then receive a message from us in which we share the results and possibilities. If desired, we will plan an intake at the office or online, so that we can discuss your wishes in detail.

    2. Intake at the office or online

    You will meet your consultant during the intake at the office or online. We match our consultants as best as possible, based on knowledge, industry and personal click, among other things.

    We would like to hear more about your scale-up and your industry during the conversation. Together we determine the objective(s) for the Google Ads campaigns and create an action plan.

    3. Set up campaigns

    In step 3 it is time to get started. Together we have looked extensively at your market, goals and wishes. We set up the discussed Google Ads campaigns with this in mind and choose the best keywords. For now, let’s look at the different campaigns you can use within Google Ads.

    Search Campaign (search network campaign):

    With a Search Campaign, advertisers can appear on the first page of Google search results for specific keywords or terms related to their products or services. These ads appear at the top or bottom of organic search results and can include text, a headline, a description, and a link to a landing page. Advertisers can select keywords and bid on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis to show their ads to people interested in their products or services.

    Performance Max Campaign:

    Performance Max is a type of Google Ads campaign that allows advertisers to display their ads on various Google platforms, including YouTube, Google Search, Google Shopping, Discover, Gmail and Google Maps. Performance Max uses machine learning and automation to automatically optimize and place ads based on the advertiser’s goals. For example, on traffic, conversions, or store visits. The goal of Performance Max is to help advertisers make their campaigns more efficient and effective by making automated decisions based on real-time performance data.

    Display Campaign:

    A Display Campaign is an ad that allows advertisers to show ads on websites, mobile apps and videos that are part of the Google Display Network. This includes more than two million websites and apps, including YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps. Display ads can be displayed in different formats, such as image ads and responsive display ads. Advertisers can select their target group based on interests, demographics, location and behavior, among other things. Costs are usually calculated on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPC basis. The advantage? You can use it as a remarketing campaign. Then users who have previously come into contact with you will see advertising from you again in a different place.

    Video Campaign:

    A Video Campaign is a type of Google Ads campaign that allows advertisers to display video ads on YouTube and Google Video Partner websites. Video ads can appear before, during, or after a video, or in YouTube search results. Advertisers can use different types of video ads, including in-stream ads, video discovery ads, bumper ads, and outstream ads. Advertisers can select their audience based on demographics, interests and behavior, and bid on a CPC or CPV (cost per view) basis.

    4. Adcopy

    There is one thing that cannot be missing in a good advertisement: strong texts. We therefore write the corresponding texts per advertising group while setting up the campaign.

    In fact, we also write multiple texts per campaign. For example, A/B testing is carried out automatically via Responsive Ads. We use this to see which text scores best with the target group – and in this way we learn more from your target group. We of course use that data to ensure that the campaigns deliver even better results.

    5. Delivery and go-live

    We will not start without your approval. As soon as everything is ready, we will send you an email and we will hear from you whether you agree with the design and the advertising texts. Then we put the campaigns live.

    6. Measuring, adjusting and reporting

    You outsource Google Ads, but that doesn’t mean you no longer have control over it. We proactively measure which campaigns are scoring well and adjust each campaign in a timely manner if we see that this will yield better results. And of course we report to you every month. This way we can always be sure that we are on top of things.

    The first three months of Google Ads outsourcing

    In the first three months we work on achieving relevant traffic. We also investigate how we can best convert this traffic and see whether the costs per conversion are profitable. After the first 3 months, an evaluation can take place and we will fine-tune the action plan (if necessary).

    Your Google Ads Agency in Amsterdam

    We often see that customers seek our help after they have tried to use Google Ads campaigns themselves, but do not achieve the desired results. They see a lot of clicks and costs, but unfortunately the leads are lagging behind.

    That is not surprising, since you have to take many elements into account with a Google Ads campaign. In addition, search engine advertising goes further than just the technology of the Ads campaign. It is also important to consider in which industry you advertise, how people search for your products or services, and which keywords actually generate customers.

    Only paying for visitors who come to your website and then buy nothing, or buy from a competitor, is of course pointless. All this requires specialist knowledge about search engine advertising.

    Which Google Ads services can you outsource to Stramark?


    Google Ads Audit

    Google Ads Remarketing
    Setting up campaigns Performance Max

    The benefits of working with Stramark in a nutshell:

    • We are a Google Certified Partner
    • You will receive a personal consultant who will delve deeper into your scale-up
    • We work results-oriented to achieve as many conversions as possible for the right costs per conversion
    • You will receive monthly reports on your results
    • 80% of our customers achieve more results online within 3 months

    Outsource Google Ads to the expert

    Are you not achieving the right results with your current Google Ads campaigns? That could be done better. Please feel free to contact us. Together we look at where the strength of your business lies and where there is potential for growth. We would like to explain to you what the current situation is, what we want to achieve and how we will approach this.

    Do you want to take your Google Ads to the next level?

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